How to Soak Feet for Toenail Fungus


Toenail fungus, also known as onychomycosis, is a typical situation that instigates the toenails to develop into delicate, chunky, blemished and flaky texture. Infectivity with nail fungus might produce soreness, particularly if the contamination triggers the nail to disconnect from the nail bed. While lots of over-the-counter and recommended medications are obtainable for toenail fungus, they are frequently inefficient or produce noteworthy side effects. Vinegar immersions might clear up toenail fungus minus the side effects, since vinegar is acidic. In view of this, it changes the pH of your skin and nails to make it less welcoming for fungus. Vinegar might also alleviate itchiness and supports curative of any skin. Let us then discover how to soak feet for toenail fungus using vinegar.

Tip #1

Load a tub or huge basin approximately 1/3 full up with extremely temperate water. Dispense an identical quantity of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar, making certain that there is sufficient fluid in the tub to totally wrap your toes. Place several towels on the floor to shield your carpet or flooring from drips and then put the tub at the middle of the towels.

Tip #2:

Wash your feet to eliminate any grime or filth then put them into the tub. Immerse your feet for approximately 20 to 30 minutes. If the water turns out be awkwardly fresh throughout the soaking, you can change some of the water with one to two cups hot water.

Tip #3:

Create a fresh vinegar mixture and immerse your feet once or two times throughout the day. According to Disabled World, immersing your feet three times a day is in general efficient in eliminating toenail fungus. If you experience skin inflammation, suggests lessening the quantity of vinegar in your foot bath or immersing your feet less recurrently.

Tip #4:

It is important that you should dry your feet as well as toes properly following immersing in the vinegar solution. If you cannot dry your feet totally using a towel, utilize a hair dryer that is set at low temperature to dry them.

Tip #5:

Immersing the feet affected with toenail fungus in vinegar solution might lessen the development of the toenail fungus. You can try to immerse your feet in vinegar solution until the fungus is totally eradicated.

Tip #6:

Vinegar contains antifungal assets and might totally obliterate fungal contaminations, stated by Kathi Keville in her book, “Herbs for Health and Healing”. She suggests blending four ounces of vinegar, two tablespoon pau d’arco tincture, one eight teaspoon peppermint essential oil, one fourth teaspoon tea tree oil, and one fourth teaspoon lavender essential oil. Dip a cloth within the blend. Put the cloth exactly to the infected toenail three times daily.

Tip #7:

Vinegar might also be efficient in remedying foot fungus, athlete’s foot, or fingernails fungus. Vinegar is acidic in substance and might instigate skin inflammation, particularly if you are immersing your feet in the vinegar solution each day. If this happens, try to immerse your feet in vinegar solution three times a week only and lessen the duration of the soaking.

There is no proof that recommends vinegar will lessen toenail fungus, as stated by the, but it may slow down the development of bacteria on the feet. Immersing with vinegar is a home treatment that might not function for everybody, especially if your toenail fungus is serious. Over-the-counter as well as recommended medications might take lengthy period to become efficient, so vinegar might be used while you are waiting for further medications to function, as long as it is with your physician’s consent.


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